“I had to work full time, sometimes two jobs. I needed to know that my children were safe when I couldn't be there" 

-Cathy, mother of students at Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County

As Cathy knows all too well, being a single mother with two young daughters is a constant juggling act. “I had to work full-time, sometimes two jobs. I needed to know that my children were safe when I couldn’t be there,” said Cathy.

During season she worked as a server at a local country club in addition to her full-time job. It was just a seasonal job, but since she was the sole provider for her family, a second job was necessary. In her search to find safe and affordable after-school care for her daughters, Rachel and Emma, Cathy did not know where to turn. That’s when Cathy found the United Way funded teen program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County.

“Emma and Rachel coming to the Boys & Girls Clubs gives me a great deal of peace of mind because I don’t have to worry about where they are. I know they’re safe. I know their school work is getting accomplished and they’re also having fun.” Cathy says that if it wasn’t for the Boys & Girls Clubs, it would make her time more difficult and ultimately impact her ability to provide for her family. Thankfully, Cathy’s financial situation has improved and she was able to give up her second job. Each step along the way, the Boys & Girls Clubs has provided the support Cathy needs to be able to focus on improving the quality of life for her and her daughters. 

The program at Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County is one of 47 programs funded by United Way of Martin County. Your gift helps thousands of working families who are facing economic challenges. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.