“If we didn’t have this program for my mother, she would only be half of herself at this point.”

Andrea started to notice that her 85-year-old mother, Veronica, was isolating herself from the world around her. She was not motivated to get up in the morning and would sleep all day – it seemed like she lost her spark. Concerned that her mother was suffering from depression, Andrea took her to a neurologist where she was diagnosed with dementia. In addition to medication for memory loss, the neurologist suggested enrolling Veronica in the specialized day care program at Alzheimer’s Community Care, a United Way funded program.

Andrea said the difference in her mother has been astounding. “It’s done wonders for her. I don’t know where we would be without it,” Andrea said. This program has allowed her to become social again and enjoy herself. Andrea explains how she gets up in the morning and puts on her own makeup and nice clothes, just like she used to. “She became almost her old self again. She has a purpose for getting up every day --she loves it.” Alzheimer’s Community Care has given Andrea an immense peace of mind, and has given her mother something to look forward to every day. She participates in the program’s many activities, is surrounded by people who are there to care for her, and she experiences true joy from it. “It makes me so happy to see her thriving.”

The adult day care program at Alzheimer’s Community Care is one of 57 local programs funded by United Way of Martin County. Your gift helps Veronica and thousands of other Martin County residents find their spark again. Change doesn’t happen alone. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.