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The United Way of Martin County Foundation is an independent public charity uniquely positioned to accept legacy gifts and build an endowment fund to meet the current and future unmet needs of Martin County.

A sound investment today and for generations to come

Consider your gift as a sound investment that benefits you and your family today, and that you are impacting the future of our community for generations to come. Funds held by United Way of Martin County Foundation are professionally managed and are monitored by a volunteer Board of Directors who share your interest in preserving the well-being of our community.

Celebrating United Way of Martin County’s 50th anniversary of caring for our community  

With the needs of our community continuing to grow and evolve year after year, we are committed now more than ever before to be the agent for change in our community for generations to come.  Our strategy – build our endowment fund to $13 million. 

Once this goal is reached, the interest earned on the invested principal will generate an additional $500,000 annually that United Way can infuse back into our community every year.

Be a part of the future

Your support of the endowment will ensure stable funding during challenging economic times – like now – when human service needs are heightened.  It will also expand capacity for emergency response programs in times of crisis or natural disaster.  

There are two easy ways that you can help. 

  • An outright gift – Support the endowment fund now through traditional gifts, donated stock, or with a Donor Advised Fund.  Qualified Charitable Deductions from an IRA is a tax-savvy way    to support your community and meet the IRS’s Required Minimum Distributions (RMD).  
  • A deferred gift – Include United Way of Martin County in your will/bequest or make United Way of Martin County the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA or retirement plan or consider United Way of Martin County as part of the succession plan of a Donor Advised Fund. 

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Karen and Bob Croce

We made a conscious decision to give back to the community.” - Karen and Bob Croce


Tara and Steve Pinnacoli

We’re raising our family in Martin County. We want our community to thrive for them and for their future. - Tara and Steve Pinnacoli


Our Board

Stephen A. Pinnacoli, Esq., LL.M.
Keane Thomas & Pinnacoli

Vice Chair
Dennis Longstreet
Retired Executive

Gregory R. Nuttall
HBK CPAs & Consultants

Carol G. Houwaart-Diez, CEO
United Way of Martin County

Thomas Campenni
United Way Board Representative

Charles (Chuck) R. Cleaver, CPA, MBA
Retired Executive

Elizabeth Herold

Randy Pennington

Carol Webb
Retired Executive

Phil Wintercorn
Wilmington Trust

Honorary Board Member
Robert Weissman
Retired Executive

Our Investment Committee

Greg Nuttall, CPA
UWMC Foundation Treasurer and Investment Committee Chair
HBK CPAs and Consultants

Charles (Chuck) R. Cleaver, CPA, MBA
Retired Executive

Mark Cocorullo, CPA, CFP

Randy Pennington
South State Bank

Thomas H. Thurlow III, Esq.
Thurlow & Thurlow, PA

Robert Weissman
Retired Executive