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Leaders United


Created in 2016, Leaders United is an affinity group for the United Way of Martin County made up of passionate professionals who GIVE, ADVOCATE, and VOLUNTEER to further the mission of United Way.


  • Connect professionals who are committed to their community with each other and other like-minded professionals;
  • Provide opportunities for professionals to serve their community.
  • Provide opportunities for Leadership education and service opportunities that encourage members to Lead.

Members of Leaders United believe in the impact that United Way has on our community.  Each member makes an annual contribution of $250 to United Way's Community Impact Fund, which is distributed to 50 different agency programs throughout Martin County.  It's amazing how just $5 each week can make such a significant difference in the lives of so many.

Interested?  Feel free to check out up to three events before deciding if Leaders United is for you. View our event calendar or email Elisabeth Glynn for more info!
Together, we will build a stronger future for Martin County.


Steering Committee Chairs

Steering Committee Members: