Students United


  • Give students a better understanding of health, financial stability, and education needs in our community.
  • Educate students on the process through which non-profits apply for and receive investment dollars from the United Way.
  • Students will learn how to evaluate the impact of programs that target community issues.
  • Students will gain an understanding of how non-profit agencies work and challenges they face when working with limited resources.
  • Students will be given opportunities to volunteer at local organizations.

Goals for 2021

  • 8-10 students to pilot a Students United program
  • Provide up to 4 educational Zoom meetings to learn about the functions and priority areas of United Way.
  • Have the students participate on a citizens review panel for the 2021 funding cycle.
  • Minimum one volunteer project.

Time Commitment for the Year 12 Hours

  • 4 Regular Zoom meetings
  • 1 Citizen Review Zoom
  • 1 Hour of reading a grant application
  • 1 Hour for a wrap-up meeting
  • 2 Hours of volunteering with United Way



  • Students are expected to participate in all meetings and notify UW staff of any absence in advance.  Missing more than one may be grounds for dismissal from the program.
  • Meetings will be held via Zoom after the school day.
  • Cameras must be on during the zoom
  • Members should be engaged and participating in the Discussion. 
  • Multiple volunteer opportunities will be presented throughout the year. Students must serve a minimum of 2 hours. 
  • Upon successful completion, students will be awarded a minimum of 12 hours.