The programs we invest in are helping real people right here in Martin County, which is why real people just like you determine where the donations go.
Through our fundraising efforts, United Way of Martin County brings together local resources, and we work with volunteers to ensure those dollars have the maximum return on the investment our donors deserve.
With over 400 nonprofits in Martin County, identifying which programs align with our community’s goals and aspirations is no small task. Many people do not realize that United Way staff does not decide who receives grants through our annual funding process. The Citizen Review process is the method by which local community representatives volunteer to evaluate the proposals from programs seeking United Way funding.
Our role is to help train United Way representatives from the local community who evaluate proposals from grant seekers. Every application for funding is vetted by these Citizen Review volunteers who live and work in our community. The goal is to identify the programs that best align with our work in Education, Financial Stability, and Health and can demonstrate measurable results in their respective area of focus.

 What do citizen review volunteers do?

  • Review grant application instruments
  • Recommend evaluation scores for each program to aid in funding decisions

How much time does it take?

The entire process takes approximately 6 hours, including:

  • Viewing a pre-recorded volunteer training
  • For each program you agree to review:
    • One to two hours to review grant application materials

What qualifications do I need to do this job?

  • Passion for our community
  • Desire to be a change agent
  • Be a game changer in Martin County by financially investing in United Way of Martin County
  • Be a United Way donor
  • Knowledge or experience that is aligned with one or more of the following areas:
  • Community Needs (i.e. knowledge of community collaborations, needs assessments, census data, direct client service, etc.).

  • Results Driven (i.e. outcome measurements, data collection, program evaluation, etc.).

  • Diversity and Inclusion (equal opportunity or accessibility expertise, familiarity with disproportionality, experience with inclusion efforts, etc.).

  • Governance (i.e. board of director’s experience, strategic planning, bylaw review, committee work, etc.).

  • Management (human resources experience, volunteer management, knowledge of public relations or marketing, program leadership or supervision, etc.).

  • Finances (knowledge of financial ratios, annual audits, bookkeeping, experience in nonprofit finances or financial management, etc.).

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. To register as a United Way Citizen Review Panel Volunteer for 2021, please fill out the form below or  email

For more information, contact United Way at 772-283-4800.

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