Days of tension and fear turned into relief as we watched Hurricane Dorian inch away from our community. That relief quickly turned into heartbreak, compassion and an outpouring of generosity to help our neighbors in the Bahamas. As our community has rallied together, we have received several inquiries on how to best help victims in the Bahamas and other affected areas. 

United Ways have a history of coordinating community responses to help those affected by natural disasters. Whether by raising funds to aid in relief efforts, engaging first-responders or mobilizing partners to help with on-the-ground recovery, United Ways offer hope and help when it is most needed. 


While it's normal to want to help in any way possible in the aftermath of such a tragedy, it is important to research before donating to an organization, crowd-funding effort or social media post claiming to be from a victim of the hurricane. To provide a trusted source for monetary contributions, United Way of Martin County has activated the Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund.

100% of all donations will go directly to supporting response efforts in the affected areas. We will work with local United Ways and nonprofit agencies in the affected areas to support both immediate and long-term recovery needs. Learn more. 


Beach clean-up: Fortunately, Martin County was largely spared from the effects of Hurricane Dorian, but our beaches need a little TLC. We are working with Martin County Parks and Recreation Department to coordinate beach cleanups on Friday, Sept. 6 and Saturday, Sept. 7 to remove debris that has washed ashore as a result of Hurricane Dorian. Learn more

Become a disaster volunteer: Before the next disaster strikes, register as a United Way volunteer to ensure that you are appropriately trained and supported to respond in the most effective way. Just because you can travel to a disaster site doesn’t mean you should. Showing up unannounced will add to the chaos and could potentially be unsafe. Wait until specific needs and opportunities have been identified. Plus, right after a disaster, it is easy for a community to get overwhelmed by all the caring people who want to help. Learn more. 


Many organizations are coordinating supply drives to provide emergency supplies to the Bahamas, including hygiene products, toiletries, first-aid kits, tarps, batteries, flashlights, trash bags, chainsaws and more. Treasure Coast Newspapers has compiled a list of the relief efforts underway. Learn more.