Frances Langford Humanitarian Award

Frances Langford

Frances Langford

The Frances Langford Humanitarian Award pays tribute to the individuals in our community who exhibit exceptional dedication and generosity, striving to improve the lives of all residents in our county. This prestigious award was established in honor of Frances Langford, renowned as arguably the most charitable individual in the history of Martin County.

Frances Langford, born on April 4, 1913, in Polk County, rose to fame as an esteemed actor and singer, appearing in more than 30 films throughout her illustrious career. However, her legacy extends far beyond the silver screen. Frances's remarkable philanthropy touched the lives of countless individuals in Martin County, where she generously donated over $29 million to various local charities, organizations and projects that fostered community improvement.

Her commitment to community service was showcased during the founding and chairing of United Way of Martin County’s Alexis de Tocqueville Society in 1990. This society, established under her leadership, consists of community philanthropists who give $10,000 or more annually in support of our campaign. 

The United Way of Martin County acknowledges the significant influence of Frances Langford by presenting the Frances Langford Humanitarian Award. This esteemed accolade honors individuals who demonstrate unwavering dedication to philanthropic efforts, particularly in support of the United Way of Martin County and the nonprofit sector. Through this award, we celebrate and recognize the enduring legacy of Frances Langford and her profound impact on our community.